Friday, March 19, 2010


Last week 6 showed up. This week 12.

Tracy, Troy, MiniMike, Piranha#1#2#3, Larry, Chris Altman, Mailmah Jay, JimP, Mike T, Me.

It was the best polo ever. Three games played and since it is spring break, no one had to leave early. Each game lasts about 30/40 minutes. And all close . Mailman Jay had a target on his back. He went down at least twice, once over the bars. The Piranha were hot tonight. #2, AJ, was on fire. The boys speed and accurate cannon shots are something to see. Jacob is the one to watch though. He will challenge you to the bitter end and think nothing of it, making you wonder what just happened.
It was great having everyone there. rock ! Enjoyed your frienship on and off the field. And, of course the "Grill". Reverse Happy Hour. What a way to end a perfect polo evening.

Next polo is Sunday, Tempe Hardcourt.
JB the NOD

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