Thursday, September 16, 2010

Special Wed and Grass Polo

Last night was one to remember. 14 bikes, 14 players, 14 malets, 28 wheels, at least 896 spokes, and one lit ball. We split into 3 teams . No throw in here. The old highschool way, 3 captains and pick-um.

I think 6, twelve minute games were played and each team won one and lost one. Very evenly matched. The level of play was kicked up a notch too. Joe Guarino, a transplant from LA, and seasoned polo player, brought his family out to share in grass polo and BBQ. He brought ribs.

On the grill : Boca burgers, Pork ribs, Large beef franks, Hot and spicy chicken brots, Beef burgers, Oh and Daveys extra large, bacon covered burger. Nathan Perryman brought Potato salad and cut fresh water melon, Jason Boyd really stepped up and helped me out a ton.

What a fun mid-week treat. Felt like a camping trip. Next time we'll add smores'. Or maybe a beer permit. Yea ok beer !!

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Nathan said...

smores would have been amazing!!