Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This Week and Az Bike Polo

Last night, Monday Funday Polo in Tempe was outstanding. Long games and good friends.

Tonight, Tuesday the 14th of Sept. is Polo at the YMCA, 17th Ave and Missouri. This spot WILL be gone in Oct. Lets enjoy it now.

Wednesday is Grass Polo at 16th Street and Colter, Phx. For the last few months our numbers have grown. On average 9 to 10 players. It is the training grounds for better hardcourt polo players. I also hear that the PBP BBQ'er might be fired up Wed. Even a Vegan burger or two.

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Nathan said...

gotta feed that vegan. cant wait for games tomorrow. monday and tuesday nights games were a lot of fun. i always enjoy reading this blog. keep up the good work.