Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tuesday Night at tha YMCA

12 peeps showed up to play bike polo on an unbelievable quality roller hockey rink. The YMCA was good enough to allow us to showcase what the sport is all about. From eleven to 38 years old, they played.
After talking to the staff, I am hopeful we will back to play again. There are some concerns. Revenue and liability. Revenue meaning new members and volunteering. Liability means insurance. We will work on this. Because it is well worth it.
Chris A. and his wife took some pictures. When available, I will post some.

Merry Christmas to All


Doug D said...

wow. stoked for you all. sounds great. hope you can keep the space.

doug d

Phoenix Bike Polo JB The N.O.D said...

It's nice to know NYC is interested in what goes on in Tickville Az. It just proves our polo world is not that big after all. Thanks for the thoughts Doug. You remember riding my polo bike in Tempe when you all were here? 40 Below.