Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Grass Game of 2009..HAPPY NEW YEAR !

Desert Storm Park is the best field on the planet for grass bike polo. Long with natural boundaries. Last night you could have seen some of the best 100 yard sprint to goal, mallet to mallet, saves, defence, and lucky goals(well maybe some skill ). We were expecting the worst for Az weather, but not so. A beautiful night and the yellow grass had just been cut. Perfect!

It was my first time back to play since carpal surgery. Maybe a little early, but had to. Last game of the year. It was good. There were some really good battles between Troy, MiniMike, Mailman Jay and the Piranha. Jacob Boyd, aka: Piranha#1, was on fire too. MVP material for sure. His mad skills are unbelievable. He has an over the front wheel shot from the right side that will blow your mind. HC players call this a "Superman", unclipped. He does it clipped in. In fact, out of 8 players last night, only one person rides with no clips. Jacob is not 12 yet. If he keeps up this quality of play, I can only guess where he'll be by the time he is 18.


1. Mailman Jay..Piranha#1(Jacob)..Troy..Me. Won 2 out of 3 games !

2. MiniMike..Big Mike T...Tracy..Piranha#1(AJ)

PLEASE REMEMBER. New Years Daylight Game This Friday at 10am.

Here is wishing you and yours a very special New Year!! From all of us from PBP.

Jeff the NOD

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