Friday, December 11, 2009

Wednesday, Dec. 9th 2009 More of the best Grass Polo Ever

Seven came out to brave Arizona's cold season. I know you folks from other parts of the world may laugh, but when it's 35/40 degrees in the desert, it's cold. Layering is the way. Peel off clothes as you sweat, and put'em back on when you rest.

We also had a guest. Mikes friend, Stu rode down to have a look and shoot some foto's and a video. IN THE DARK ! Check it out :

Awesome games. Tracy made it out too. She is an incredible person. Greg, our fixie rider came also, rode a borrowed bike and froze his A off.

Mailman Jay, Jacob, Mike T., Troy, Tracy, Greg and Me.

Oh and by the way, it was so cold that we did not stop to rest between games. 3 games played. Done by 10:30 pm. One of the games went to 15. Even teams again. Troy is a Maniac !
Update: Looks like an Exhabition game will be scheduled at th YMCA roller rink soon. We wanna play there, they want to see what it is all about. So stand by for more updates.
The LA Hardcourt BBQ and Polo Tourny is confirmed Jan 30. We will have at least 2 teams go to this. Hollywood Roller Rink. Here we come.
Till next time......Jeff

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Adam said...

where are you playing hardcourt this weekend?