Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tomorrow, January 29th We Leave For LA

Ten of us are leaving for LA tomorrow for their annual Polo Tourney and BBQ. Joker has added a second roller hockey rink. A total of 36 teams have registered to play. That's 108 players descending on the LA bike polo scene. I have 12 bikes in my trailer and packed and ready to go.


SOP: Troy..Mike T...Justinrunns(standard operating procedure)

3G: Jay...Jacob...The NOD( three generations)

Natural Born PlayAz : MiniMike...AJ...DaveyCarfax

And Laura Jo Boyd(AZfoto) is our official Photographer.

I hope we are more than a novelty. The boys have been playing alot of polo the last few weeks. And it shows. They are ready.

JB the NOD

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Mailman-J said...

will be Sweeet to have some tasty POLO AND professional video & pictures. Good job JB for enlisting Laura Jo to Photograph, I'm excited. Great job on the blog JB