Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wednesday at the YMCA and Pizza

Our second time at the Y. 12 players, spectators, hecklers, bb-gun shooters, and my daughter Jinger and hubby brought 4 LARGE combo pizza's for the famished crew. Unexpected and very much appreciated.
The boys from Bike Cafe came too. Haven't seen them for a bit, but thay said it was nice to have a place to play a bit closer to home. It was great having them.
The list: Mailman Jay, Piranha#1, MiniMike, Piranha#2, Mike T., JimP, Kyle, David, Kyle(yes 2) DavyCarfax, Justinrunns and Me.
I didn't count how many pick-up games we played, but at 10 minutes each and playing till 930, a staggering amount of polo. LA, here we come.

PS: I am sure you are wondering about the bb-gun action. At 9pm a group of boys in the park next to the court, snuck up and hammered the court with bb's or soft pellet guns. No one was hurt or hit at all. Just a nuisance thing. Police were called, and asked us if this was our first time in this neighborhood. Why yes officer! "Don't you know this is the "HOOD" after dark. "
PSS: MiniMike took a pretty good fall and banged his shoulder. He has no meat on his bones. It hurts. We hope he is good for LA.
Grass polo tomorrow night and rest and pack thursday. Head west on Friday at noon. Can't wait.
JB the NOD

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