Wednesday, February 3, 2010

LA Polo Tourney Jan 2010

Way too much to offer here, and words just wont do. But what the hell:
Two roller hockey rinks about 5 miles apart. Am and Pm starts both days. After day one, the 3 Phx teams were 2 loses and 2 wins. Not lookin too good. Because of the formula for scoring and being scored on, two teams made it to bracket play day 2.

Team 3G, Mailman Jay, Jacob and me, started first on Sunday. We played Seattle's best with Seebass. Jacob blasted a cannon shot across the front tire for the first score and shocked the crowd and Seattle. Jason scored again for a 2 to nothing score. We should have protected the 2 points and settled in for the remainder time. But didn't and lost. We lost two games, but didn't matter. Jacob set the crowd on fire with his accurate, loud rifle like shots.
Team Natural Born PlayAz: MiniMike, AJ and Davey played in the Pm. I am glad too so we could watch every second of it. You did not want to miss this.
Michael and AJ with Davey as keeper, simply devoured the competition. With AJ keeping things mixed up and Michael Getting the easy fast break, they won 3 out of 4 games and finished 4th over all out of 36 . It will take a bit for us to realize "what just happened" . Because Michael beat some of the best players on earth. I knew he could. It was a matter of time.

Michael took MVP honors.


Mike said...

What a great time! Good polo and good people.

Mailman-J said...

I am Sooo proud of us all. Michael,AJ, & Jacob were Everything we've known them to be and more! Way to show the Poloverse what we have been doing in our hangar(grass polo to develope Cannons). Great, our secret is out. Now we must Eviscerate