Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just finished two Mallots with MKE shafts

I can get ski poles at almost any thrift store in Phx. These poles are available from Milwaukee Bikes, so I ordered two. Mainly to test 7075 aluminum poles and give an honest report, to buy these or not. They are expensive, but supposed to last.
We will give these the hack test. They don't seem to be much lighter than anything else I have made. Maybe it's time to buy a scale to find out.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Hey JB, you don't really need a scale, just make a balance with a yardstick and some string. Hang the two things equidistant from the middle and see which one is heavier. A large paperclip weighs about 1 gram. If you need to know how many grams lighter the new one is, hang large paperclips off until it balances with the old one. -JR

Phoenix Bike Polo JB The N.O.D said...

Cheap and easy...I like it. Thanks
Thay advertised them to be "light and strong". I guess proof is in the play.