Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Grass Polo Tonight at 7 PM

Sunday Games Hardcourt
Monday Night Grass Polo

Desert Storm Park 16th Street and Colter, Phx. Park in the extended stay motel parking lot. The pit is just to the east. We usually play til 10 or so, depending when we get started.

We play everyone that shows up. Games are to 10 points or first to 15 with ties. The field is approx 50 yards wide and 100 yards long with a natural bowl effect for boundries.

I have talked to the City about the lighting at the park. It is ok, but not all lights are on. They tell me an "order" has been placed to turn them all on. mmmm

We provide mallets and ball. The ball is a softball size wiffle ball. At night I tape the ends of a 4" glow stick and jamb it into the ball. Bright and lasts all night.

Goals are 5 paces wide, made of clear 3/4" PVC pipe, with pen lights dropped in the bottom. One of Mike T. better ideas. Durable and again bright.

The ball is struck from the side only. Dribbling and scoring is done this way. High scoops are allowed, but very careful with high sticking. If you dab(foot down) you must peddle 2 full revs or strokes before touching the ball. If someone falls with no injury or mechanical, we play on. If the ball breaks or flattens out we stop in place.

Not too many rules. No t-boning, helmets are a must, and fun is mandatory.

If you can't tell, I am on a crusade to bolster our ranks. There are 1000's of mountain bikers and roadies in the Phoenix area. You can't tell me that some wouldn't enjoy using bike polo as another training tool to better their cycling experiance. 20 yard bike wind sprints for a couple hours ? Heaven. But most of all, great people. Spread the polo word for me. Grass or hardcourt, we play several times a week.

Thanks....JB the NOD

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