Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday Games and A Buck !!

These games are the best. Draws a good crowd ( beer helps) and the interest is high.
Everyone gives up a buck and throws their mallet into a pile. Then mallets are thrown randomly into piles of three. BINGO ! Teams.
4 teams played in a round robin sorta bracket, keeping it simple. These kind of games force people to step up their play. Very fun to see how they progress.
At the end Team # 3 won it all, undeafeted and winners of $12.00.

Team #3 consisted of : Mike Tretter, Piranha#1(Jacob Boyd) and your's Truely. Me!! Shizam!!
We used PBP's new D5000 Nikon today. Thanks Mike, good photog.
Jeff Boyd the NOD

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