Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sunday, Sept. 21st A Milestone for Piranha # 1

What a night to remember. Jacob, Piranha #1, played with clipless shoes for the first time. We put them on at noon Sunday, he rode around for a bit and by polo time he had it down. Those of us who live by the clipless system marvel at how easy kids figure it out. Now believe me when I say he had his moments on the polo park, forgetting to unclip, It was fun watching the process. Oh by the way, Piranha #1 is 10 years old and is an amazing Kid. We are very proud of him.

3 games played. Passion is how I describe our group of players. Tired or not, everyone gives there all. The battles between MiniMike and Mailman Jay are world class.

Team #1..Jay, Jim, Piranha #1, and Me

Team #2..Mt, MiniMike, Mooky, Piranha#2

Photo's: Thats a clipless smile..Typical MiniMike flat tire..and Father, Son action.

Next game, Wed. the 24th. at 6pm sharp.

Be your best....JB

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