Friday, September 19, 2008

Wednesday, Sept.17th. Here's Hoping for New Blood

Another outstanding night of bike polo. The quote of the evening from Jay's wife Mel, "It is cooler down here". I think she knows that fall like weather is coming very soon. We like to call it Chamber of Commerce weather. It's why we live here.

Two boys from Brophy High paid us a visit. Sorry I don't remember their names. But were so interested about what the hell we were doing, that we let them ride a couple bikes and bang the ball around a bit. " We can do this" and asked if they could play next time. Fee- Fi- Fo- Fum. I smell the blood of a newbie.

Evenly matched games again. Play started a bit late. But once Piranha#1 and Mooky got there, it got crazy. 3 games played. I think everyone scored at least once. Troy had the only mechanical. Can't wait till Sunday.

Team#1: MT, Jay, Piranha#1, and Me

Team#2: Tommy, Troy, Mooky, Piranha#2 and Lil' Anthony.

Next game, Sunday the 21st at 6pm sharp
See ya....JB

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