Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wednesday, Sept.24th Making Up Rules As We Go !

Three good games again. Mailman Jay had bike trouble. At sprint, his chain would jump off and put him in a very bad position. Like on his butt, or straddling the top tube. So after game 2, I let him use my 46'r, which was too small for a 5'11" gear masher. I needed the break. He needed to play.

Games started late, around 8:30pm. So after every game, (Troy quote)" lets turn and burn". No break, water only. Still it lasted past 10:30pm.
New Rule: After the opposing team scores, you have to wait till the other team is at least half way back across the field before you can move forward to score. Troy...Thanks for your input and patients.

MT has strep. Wish him well.

Team#1; Troy, Jim, Piranha#2, Mooky, Tracy.

Team#2; Jay, MiniMike, Piranha#1, Lil'Anthony an Me.

Sunday, Sept. 28th is cancelled.

See ya'll Wed. the 1st at 7pm sharp. Piranha#1 and Mooky will be a tad late.


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