Saturday, July 10, 2010

This Next Sunday and Practice

Mike Tretter...Regional Rep and all around good guy.
Mailman Jay...Jason Boyd...Piranha#1 Dad

Davey Carfax in the goal

The Sunday court

The Piranha#1 and #2.....Jacob Boyd and AJ maldonado...12 year olds...and Grandsons

Sunday the 11th will be our last team practice before NA's. We play at the Monarch Apt. tennis court, Baseline and Hardy in Tempe. This spot has been abandoned for years. Since NA's are played on tennis courts this is a great place to practice. Every one should be there.

I will load bikes in the "PBP Bike Polo Special" trailer Sunday as well, barring any needed repairs.

We are really doing this trip on stems and seeds. My wish, and I think they deserve it, is to have a full sponsor or partner. I don't know how to accomplish this. Where is this game going? How big will it get? Are the Piranha(our 12 year olds) in a position to see bike polo in a whole different world? I think the answer is coming soon. Madison may be a turning point for bike polo.
This trip is epic for us. We have done nothing bigger as family and friends. (Piranha #1 mom is coming..this is big!!) My wish is for safe travel, adventure, and no freekin broken bones.
See ya when I see ya!!
Jeff Boyd the NOD

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