Wednesday, July 21, 2010

NAHCBPC in Madison Wis. July 18th 2010

Almost 2800 miles and over 65 hours of drive time, just to play bike polo. But it was worth it. There were over 800 total games played in 3 days and each team played 5 games Friday and Sat. and double elim on Sunday. If you finished in the top 10 on Friday, you were guaranteed in on Sunday. Polozona and Mike and the Piranha did this.

Way too many games played by our boys to write about. I think the boys played 14 games. When Sunday finally came, both teams were even. Both finished 9th out of 68 registered teams.
Polozona: Jason Boyd, Michael Boyd, David Edwards

Mike and the Piranha: Mike Tretter, Jacob Boyd, AJ Maldonado

1) The Odds2) Smile3) East Van4) Super Polonics5) Bourbonic Plague5) Beavers7) China Dust7) Machine Politics9) Mike and the Pirahnas9) Wizard Sleaves9) Wisconsin Takeover9) Polozona13) Like Chicken!13) Jaded Cuckolds13) Hymen I'm back13) Moustache? Outrageous!17)Drunked EdgeTallboysDTGPBone ThrasherBad FingersDesperately Seeking SusanPolony and the poolboysKing Shin Beef25)Blood and Hair EverywhereMaderallSense of Entitlementone two triomanifest destinythe JagwolvesPeter North StarsThe Coach the Captain and You
This was by far the largest, best and most well organized tourney yet.

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