Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wed. Nov. 18th and Grass Polo " FUN "

It's Alive!! Our roots are deep in grass. And feels good and right at home. Mailman Jay is quoted: " I wish we could have our own tournement here so others could see just how much fun this is."

I had three 11 year old Grandsons here tonight. How cool is that? A deep talent pool for sure and recon Phx Bike Polo will last long after I'm out.

Three games played, and it was a bit chilly. Long handles and gloves for sure. This is the kind of weather we expected in Como Missouri. But did not happen.

Team#1 . Mailman Jay, Piranha#1(Jacob), Mike T., and Me.

Team#2 . Troy , JimP , Piranha#2(AJ) and Piranha#3(Leo).

Great games, and for those that did not come, you are missing the best Az has to offer. Grass Bike Polo.

The AZHC Polo Invite, is posted and will happen Feb. 20/21st. The location is not locked down yet, but soon.

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