Thursday, November 12, 2009

Midwest Champeenship 2009

Long trip for me. But the polo in Columbia Mo. was awesome. 44 teams from all over the midwest, over 175 games played. The team "What Just Happened", Jason, MiniMike and Troy finished 5th overall. Very proud of our Phx boys.

The team "Phx Who" Me, Mike and Justin finished mid pack. There was some stiff competition, and every time we do a tourney, we learn a ton.

Our only complaint : If your going to have officiating, then OFFICIATE ! Some play was over the safety line. I watched 12 hours of polo on Sat. and 8 hours on Sun. I did not hear one official call regarding safety issues or one warning. In one play, a rider, at full speed, crashed into the goalie, shoving him back into the goal, hurting everyone involved, allowing his team to score. No call!!

But the folks from Columbia were special. They took on the task to try to make every one happy. We look forward to our next tournament.

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