Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wednesday, April 8th Our 70th Game on the Blog

Time Flies. More games to be played. More fun. And more amazing bicycle action.
I am writing this on Easter Sunday. A time to reflect and measure our existence. I am hoping that everyone is well and has a HAPPY EASTER !!
Game number 70....What a night. Mailman Jay's team ruled. The combo of Jay, MiniMike and Tracy's defence is very hard to beat. 3 games played and I was the only one to fall. A blocked shot at the goal and sacrifice the 58 year old body at the same time. Damn it.
Thanks guys for coming. Bike polo on the grass rocks. You Hardcourt polo players are always welcome. Marco, Dave, Chris, bring it !

Team#1 Mailman Jay, MiniMike, Tracy, Adam and Me
Team#2 Troy, MikeT, Jim, Piranha#1, Piranha#2
Don't forget April 25th@ Perry Park. 9:30am. AZ. HARDCOURT POLO GAMES
Triple Elimination. Should be fun.

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