Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday April 15 2009 Night Moves

Eight players showed up and 3 games played. What can I say. Evenly matched again. Jim was on his game tonight, scored a few. We missed MiniMike and Troy (not really). Like we were in slow motion.

Team#1 Mailman Jay, Tracy, Piranha#1 and Me
Team#2 Mike T, Jim, Mooky, and Matt

Monday Night Hard court Polo is alive and well. Lots of folks show up for this event every Monday evening around 8/9pm and lasts till 11pm or so. I played with Mailman Jay last week and it is weird, but fun. A constant smile on your face. Jay and Mike played this week, getting ready for the tournament this Sat.
A well lighted court in a neighborhood park. Great exposure.
Next time

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