Friday, March 6, 2009

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009 Polo and Man Pain

Damn it that hurts. MiniMike was being pursued by Mt and Troy at mach one, and someone got tripped up and MiniMike went down on the top tube, floppin around like a fish outta water. Damn that top tube. Ooooooh.Ooooh. We all felt it. Piranha #2 (his little brother) said with an evil little smile "hurts don't it?" MiniMike rested for less than 5 minutes, and right back on the bike.
Piranha#1(Jacob) also crashed and had the 'ol wind knocked out of him. Early lessons for a 10 year old. Rested for 5 minutes and right back on the bike.
We had a great evening of hard bike polo. 5 on 4...good teams, 3 good games.
Team#1.Jay, Piranha#2, Piranha#3, MiniMike and Me
Team#2. Troy, MT, Piranha#2 and Mooky(Adam)
Pictures: (Group) MiniMike,Piranha#1, #2 and #3
Orange shirt: Piranha#1
Hoodie: Piranha #2
Piranha jersey: Piranha #1

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