Friday, March 13, 2009

Wednesday, March 11th 2009 "Seven"

Got a spankin tonight. Never ever put Troy and Mailman Jay on the same team. It was a lesson in humility. With their dribbling skills, speed, accuracy and ability to be be everywhere, it was not pretty for us.
3 on 4...and we had the 4. Second game, Mailman Jay suggested we divide teams differently. (It was that obvious) But we puffed up and said no, revenge will be sweet. Yea right. School was in session. We even named a shot in their honor. The "Mailman". A high lifted ball, center goal, untouchable.
Tracy was our star. She comes alive with the pressure. I had my famous lifted shot blocked at least three times by Jay, once using his head. Crazy !
With all that said, we had a great time, and had brews at the 'Ol Armadillo Grill after. Where are ya "Scorch" when we need ya?
Team#1: Troy, Mailman Jay, Piranha#1
Team#2: Tracy, Mike T., Mooky and Me
Looking forward to April 15th. An old Veteran lefty player my come to play. Stay in touch Ken Green and Semper Fi !
Pics: Jay doing the "Mailman" lift
Me and Piranha#1 up at Dynamite and Pima


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