Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wednesday, Jan. 7th 2009 Polo and a Guest

A cool evening, 9 polo players, no repairs, no blood, an experienced guest player, and 3 games played. Even with a late start, we managed to get our school aged boys home by 10:30 or so. MT and MiniMike ruled the night. Skill and lucky rebound shots helped them to a 2 game to 1 win.

Marco showed up via the internet. An experienced guy originaly from Arizona, tried bike messenger in the east, polo on hard court, and grass polo elsewhere. Sounds like he is in transition back to Az. He was a welcome addition to our style of play. We all hope he comes back.

Team #1: MT, MiniMike, Piranha#2, and Tracy
Team#2: Jay, Marco, Tommy, Piranha#1, and Me
We are trying for another day game. Super fun. I will keep ya posted.
Missed: Troy, Jim, Adam, and Big Tim. Next time.
See you all Wed. the 14th at 7pm sharp.

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