Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wednesday, Jan. 14th Unexpected Numbers

Way too much fun. The days emails indicated that 6 confirmed players would show up. No baby sitter, injured reserve, funerals, grounded, all things that keep the most hardcore from playing. In the parking lot though, people kept coming. It was great. 5 on 4. Three games, nine players !!
Again..It doesn't matter how we split, it usually is fairly even. Team #1 won the first. Team #2 won the second. Team #1 won the 3rd. All close games. And some amazing things too. Jacob(Piranha #1) stopped a goal by knocking down a high shot backwards ! Totally mind blowing. And ya got to love MT's front brake action. Makes for some great cycling acrobatics. Believe it or not , I had the only mechanical. Chain locked-up behind cassette. Thanks Jim, Mike and Tommy for you expertise.
Nice to see Marco, Matt and Mooky able to be there...Thanks !

Team #1: Jay, Jim, Marco and Me
Team #2: Mt, Tommy, Matt, Piranha #1 and Mooky
Next Wednesday at 7

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