Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday, Oct.22nd I Was Right !

Wednesdays are alive and well for bike polo. 11 crazy MoFo's showed up and 3 hard games were played. As usual, no matter how we split teams it's pretty even. Tommy and Tracy brought new friends, and I think we have at least one convert. The Piranha, #1 and #2, played on the same team and together. If you think you are safe with an easy breakaway, think again. I've seen them both run someone down and make an unbelievable play. Come see for yourself.

Wednesday night polo is outstanding fun. With a lighted wiffle ball, a few mallots, bikes, and some good friends, we may be playin for another 10 years.

Team#1: Jay, Crazy Ivan, Mooky, Jim, Lil' Anthony and Me.

Team#2: MiniMike, Tommy, Tracy, Piranha#1 and #2

Photo's at the polo park and a Sunday ride. Me (Grandpa Jeff) Piranha#1 and #2.

Thanks Mike for bringing the gear, even though Uncle Insite made you work tonight.

Thanks Jim for buying the brew after.


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