Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday, Oct. 19th Sharing the Field

The Cricket players were there first. So we adapt, overcome, and play-on. After a very nice conversation with our friends, they were more than willing to share the field. Playing the width is a totally different game. To score, you are on the hill in first gear. We have done this before. You old Veterans know exactly what I mean. But fun non-the-same.

Because of other commitments and obligations, Sunday play is postponed till more interest in daytime play is there. Wednesday's though are a different story. Plenty of hard core Bike Polo to be played.

6 players Sunday:

Team #1: Jay, Piranha #1 and Me

Team #2: MT, Piranha #2 and Mooky.

Thanks Mike for draggin the gear bag around. And the use of Mike's Automotive Shop.

See ya Wed. the 22nd.


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