Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gettin Ready For NAHC Bike Polo Championships.

From our experiance, this new head has some issues. Screw holes on the seem, caps cracked right away, nut pocket spun out first thing, heavy.
Jacob Boyd aka: Piranha#1..he will shock you with his cannon shot.

Michael Boyd aka: MiniMike. The best ball handler I've ever seen. And speed....

Jason Boyd aka: Mailman Jay. The control Master, and if you get hit by his cannon shot expect a bruise.

This is our ride to Madison.

Well, it's here. Next Tue. the 13th, we leave for Madison Wis. 8 of us will drive the 15oo plus miles to play polo on a world wide stage. 60 plus teams registered so far. Phoenix is sending 6 players, two teams: Team#1, Mailman Jay, MiniMike and Davey.

Team#2, Mike T. and the Piranha#1(Jacob Boyd) and Piranha#2(AJ Maldonado).

These guys have spent time practicing and working together for weeks. With a $3600.00 first place purse, should be interesting.

I've heard and read that some teams are sponsored for this event. We are on a shoe string budget. A family affair. I won't beg, but help would be good.

Tonight is grass polo, at the same spot. 16th street and Colter. We will play/practice our last time Sunday at the tennis court, Monarch Apt in Tempe, 4pm till dark.


Sveden said...

Can't wait to see all you Phoenix guys again.

See you in one week!


Phoenix Bike Polo JB The N.O.D said...

This will be the first tourney we have gone to and me not playing. Full support wagon this time. Too much money and effort invested for me to feel comfortable on the court. Our boys are pumped and ready for this. See you all in a week.
Jeff the NOD