Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Better Than a Sale Anyday

WOW! Twelve humans, and Bike Polo, working off Thanksgiving cheer.

Mailman Jay..Piranha#1(Jacob)..MiniMike..Troy..Mike T...Jim P.. SteveAz.. Justinrunns..
Joe Ramus..Kurt..Dus..and Me, the Narley Old Dude.

Three games played and had an absolute blast. Thanks to everyone for great competitive play and a saweeet after Thanksgiving Day! And we even had a cheering section. Thanks to Melissa, SH, Christina and Debra for watching and hoping your fav will win. More heckling next time.

Don't remember which team won the best out of three, don't matter. (Really I do, Mine!). Justinrunns and his fixed gear bike stood out today. His skill level has quadrupled in a very short time. Glad he is a part of our family.

I rode one handed and shot some foto's today too. Daylight play is rare, it is good.
Again, thanks to all for making Black Friday special.

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Jim Panzer said...

This was awesome!!!! Lets try and get some more day games going!!!