Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wed. Oct. 7th 2009 Wet grass and new players make it happen

9players tonight. 5 on 4 makes everyone step up and contribute. 4 games played, and everyone a close call. The last game went to 15 for the win.

Steve came to play for the second time, and in no time will be very good. Riding a bike with one hand and swinging a mallot with the other, takes a bit to accomplish. Once you figure it out, great fun follows.
Team#1 Mailman Jay, MiniMike, AJ and Me.
Team#2 Mike T., Tommy, Jim P., Adam and Steve.

Jacob a speedy recovery(a cold) and Tracy missed you. Troy out, sick too. Matt, too much work.

Rumor has it that 6 of us are going to Columbia Mo. Nov. 7th for the Midwest Polo Tourney. The list of teams going is long. I keep you up to date.
We are looking for our own place to play hardcourt polo. One that is legit and works for us. The City Parks Dept. would rather build usafe skate and water parks for its community, than a well controlled multi purpose roller rink. Old tennis courts work too, but No Bikes signs litter that idea too. The fight continues!

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