Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday Sept 9th 2009 Welcome to Our World

Eleven showed up tonight to play some grass polo. For some reason the 3 games played were extra intense and aggressive. It was like a pot o gold was sitting waiting for the team with the most wins. Shouldering, slide outs, speed, falling(Me), were all part of last nights games. Most were so tired after, that the Armidillo Grill had no polo patrons after. No beer . WTF !!

All contributed. Dustin scored, and feelin his oats, played all three games lookin for more.

Team 1: Mailman Jay, Piranha#1and#2, MiniMike and Me. (Won 2 out of three games)

Team 2: Troy, Mike T., Tracy, Adam, Matt and Dustin.
Fun stuff. See you on the Hardcourt Monday eve at 8 PM

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