Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wednesday April Fool's 2009 4 Sweet Games

Sorry I havn't been doing my job lately, keeping up with weekly games. I have no excuse. Some do read it weekly, so I apologise for that. We have played every Wed. though, and have had some really great games. MiniMike is riding his bike from 59th Ave and Camelback to the polo park ( apr. 10 mi ) Some of us wish he would stay home. Crazy, crazy scoring at will. His moves at the goal line and mid field speed leaves you scratching your head. What the ?
This Wednesday was no different. Six people showed up and 4 games played. Troy and Mailman Jay dominated the field. The long bomb, high flyin picks and frequent passing kept MiniMike at bay. Hell, Troy and Jay even made me look good once.

Team#1 Jay, Troy, and Me
Team#2 Mike T., Tracy and MiniMike
All the Piranha and Mooky taking AMS testing this week and will be back next week.
Only a couple more weeks and "Lefty" Ken will be here to play.
Tucson Bike Swap Meet Sunday, April 19th
Hard Court Polo Tournament, Saturday, April 25th
Stay tuned....a lot going on.

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