Monday, September 1, 2008

Bike Polo Sunday August 31st 2008

Another monsoon storm destroys the polo park. Again, water from the "Evil Grate" flooded our sacred ground with junk from the nearby freeway. The boys picked up stuff(mostly glass and rocks) for quite awhile. There were swamp like spots on the left and center of the field. So we moved our goals to the right side of the park and played on.

9 players showed up. The smell, bugs, and sewage soaked shirts and baggies did not slow anybody. 3 games played.

Team #1. Jay, Piranha#2, Jim, Mooky, and Me

Team#2. MT, MiniMike, Piranha#1, and Big Tim (won all 3)

See you Wed. Sept. 3rd at 7pm sharp.


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m!cH@eL said...

whos that pro polo player...