Friday, June 29, 2012

Polo is played twice a week as temps rise to 110 plus. PBP still plays grass polo on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm till ? at Desert Storm Park in Phoenix. 16th Street and Colter, behind the Extended stay motel. Armadillo Grill after. 

Hardcourt polo is played on Sunday around 5pm till dark in Tempe at Grace Comm. Church. Southern and Dorsey. 
Pictures are of the ABQ Bench Minor tourney last May. Three peet for Arizona. ATX second place. 

Ok. Guilty. I admit social media has taken over. Even though Phoenix Bike Polo has a FB page as Az Bike Polo, there is no reason I can't keep our blog up to date. I'll try.
These pics are the South Central Regional qualifier in Austin Tx. Mailman Jay and I drove there and met up with Tall George and Brandon from Colo Springs. They became team "Know your Rivals: and finished 5th to qualify for North American Championships, July 2012 in Milwaukee.
Davy Carfax and his team also qualified.
Austin is a cool town. I would go back.

JB the NOD

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall is the time for Sunday,Daylight Bike Polo

The dog days of summer is finally over. That means we get to play bike polo in the daylight again. It has been an extremely hot summer.
Yesterday, Sunday, we set up and played at our DPI tournament spot. Mailman Jay and I made angle bkts with velcro fastners for a quick and easy set up/tear down. Success!
Mike T. Mailman J, Jacob, Adam Cruz, Nathan Perryman, Shampoolio(Julio) and Hot Rod(Justin) and Me, played from 3pm till dark.

So as of Oct. 3, 2011 this is our polo schedule:
Monday Funday Polo at Southern and Dorsey(South parking lot), Tempe, 8pm till ?
Wednesday Grass Polo at 16th Street and Colter, Phoenix, 7:30 til 10:30
Sunday Daytime Polo at Southern and Dorsey(North parking lot) 3pm till dark.

Az Foto says we need more pictures. Coming next time


Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Conversation with.....Me!....the N.O.D

With Face Book and other social networks, I have not kept up with this blog. So I find myself at a cross road. Keep it active(daily or weekly at least), or put it to bed.

This next October marks a year since I've written here. It is PBP,Phoenix Bike Polo blog. We have at least 4 polo clubs in Arizona. Phoenix, Tempe, Tucson and Prescott. I would continue to comment largely about the Phoenix family with added events, club news, play by play, links and so on.

What do you think? Boat anchor or continue? I say keep it. Helps keep us connected. Please let me know your thoughts. Helps.

Jeff Boyd the NOD

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tour de Fat Oct 2010

We volunteered for the polo expo at Tempe Beach . Belgium Beer helped make the day great. Fat Tire is my fav. But I heard the IPA's were the best.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tuesdays Storm and Wednesday Polo

Hallowed Grounds
Around 7th Street and Thunderbird road, Phx. Az. This is only an example of the destruction, October 4th and 5th, 2010.

Un-typical weather for October. 50 mile an hour winds and large hail in some parts of the Valley. Downed trees and power lines. One car dealer on the west side lost 80 cars and trucks to hail damage. Flagstaff had tornado's destroy homes, and cut a devastating swath through the Forrest. I have lived in Az since 1959. Never seen anything like this.

Tue evening, some flooding through out the valley. Polo at the YMCA was obviously canceled. So we figured Wed. polo at the sacred grounds, Desert Storm Park, would be canceled too. I walked the field around 2pm Wed. Dry, clean and freshly mowed. A real magical place. We played. 8 players showed up. Three unbelievable games. Each so close, anyone could have beat the other.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monday Funday's...The parking lot at Southern and Dorsey

This is our night for Noob's and a more casual play. The Tempe spot has been in action for a couple years. Most of the originators have long gone, but is being preserved by new and very good talent and dedicated polo ambassador's. The emphasis is on bike polo promotion and entry level play.

Southern and Dorsey, Grace Community Church parking lot. Mondays at 8pm to ?
A very special thanks to Julio and Justin for set-up, tear-down, storage of the end boards every Monday night. Keep on truckin'

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Before and After...Mid 90's to Current Polo Steed

This is finally it!! With the help of friends and my local bike shop (the Pig), it's done. Test ride tonight, Monday polo. Southern and Dorsey, Tempe. 8 PM.
I changed the front fork. Less suspension corrected and straight blade. Feels way better

After: 17.5 VooDoo frame, Surly 21 rear cog and singlulator, XT brakes with Ultimate brake booster, MKE 35tooth ring and bash guard, KMC 1/8" chain, Aluminum suspension corrected fork, BMX 70mm stem, Hellbent bars, white lock on grips, Sun Mammoth rims, XTR 36 spoke hubs, with Maxxis Holly Roller tires.

Before: 17.5 VooDoo w/ Shimaon STX-Rc componants, Mavic 231, Ritchy tires, RockShock Jet, Titec bars, Onza bar ends, WTB saddle.

This is addicting. Finding a gem and turning it into a usable, everyday single speed daily driver and polo bike.